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What is the Crypto Group?

Bitcoin came in following the global financial crisis of 2008 to cushion the effects and provide financial alternatives to people all over the world. Since its inception, thousands of other cryptocurrencies have emerged. The Bitcoin journey started from a value of below $1 and it reached a value of $20,000 a coin in less than a decade, with early investors making massive profits in the process.

Despite Bitcoin struggling to reach its 2017 levels again, the opportunities to create wealth within the crypto market have been increasing. With crypto trading, people can leverage the price volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptos to earn passive income daily. The increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial markets is also causing a surge in their demand. This is now leading to upward pressure in their value and more chances for savvy investors to make profits.

The Crypto Group software has helped investors to take advantage of the various opportunities in the crypto market. Our intuitive algorithm utilizes the latest tech innovations to generate accurate trading signals and execute them for our investors. With a trading accuracy of 99.4%, all Crypto Group investors earn real profits daily.

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About Our Team

The Crypto Group software was developed by a team of expert financial market traders, top economists, leading computer scientists, and experienced mathematicians. Their collective dream was to develop a system powerful enough to empower ordinary investors to earn a regular income from the crypto market. This was how the Crypto Group software was developed. The software has quickly become the first choice app for predicting future price and market movements and executing the signals to generate profits.

All registered members of the Crypto Group community are allowed to use the software for free. This means, more people can use the Crypto Group software to leverage the opportunities within the cryptocurrency market and generate wealth for themselves. We set the investment capital requirement at only $250 so that more people can access our software and use it to trade cryptocurrencies and earn daily profits in the process.

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